Five Tips For A Successful Winter Engagement Session : Star Prairie, WI

Mike and Liesette are two very close friends of mine who braved this cold winter day for their engagement session. I am going to share with you some of my tips for staying warm during a winter photo session.

1. Be sure to layer up underneath your main outfit. Weather its wearing an extra long sleeve or a pair of long johns underneath your pants. This will protect you from the wind or any snow that tries to creep up your pant leg.

2. Wear shoes the actually keep your feet warm. Wearing boots during a winter photo session is totally ok! You will be walking through snow, which can get pretty deep at times. Most of the time in my winter sessions I focus on the upper body more anyways so your boots wont be visible half the time. If you don't want to wear your winter boots thats ok, but be sure to wear an extra layer of socks.

3. Bring hand warmers. During the in between time you can keep you hands warm with hand warmers that you keep in your pockets. They take up very little room and can be key to having a successful winter session.

4. I get cold as well, so I encourage short little 5-10 minute breaks to warm up in our cars. This gives you some extra time relax and warm up again. This is also a great time to do an outfit change.

5. Lastly, just keep close with your partner. The best way to stay warm durning a cold session is to just simply cuddle into your partner and share your body heat. Your love will show through the photos.

#outdoors #engagement #winter #photography

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